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Starters & Salads

Starters with bread

* Bread with 2 kinds of Dip - per pers.

* Garlic bread with fresh tomatoes.

* Garlic bread with Parmesan cheese.

* Bruschetta classic for 2 pers. (With garlic, tomato, pepper & capper)

* Greek bruschetta for 2 pers. (With feta cheese, olives & tomatoes)

* Italian bruschetta for 2 pers. (With rocket & Parmesan)

* Tigaopsomo (Homemade bread stuffed with feta cheese -fried)

Starters with meat

* Meatballs

* Stuffed meatballs with feta cheese

* Tigania with pork fillet (Small pieces of pork fillet, cooked in wine & mustard)

* Grilled village sausage (Served with mustard sauce)

* Spetzofal (Greek sausage cooked with fresh tomato, green peppers & feta cheese)

Cold dips

* Aubergine cream

* Tzatziki

* Spicy cheese dip

* Feta cheese

Starters with cheese

* Saganaki (Greek yellow cheese fried in bread crumbs, stuffed with ham)

* Haloumi on the grill (Cypriot cheese)

* Metsovone in the oven (Spicy, smoked Greek cheese)

* Cheese croquettes (with Gouda cheese, Parmesan & Haloumi cheese)

* Feta cheese in the oven (with tomato, garlic & red pepper - baked in the oven)

* Fried feta cheese wrapped in crust (Served with sesame & honey)

* Flutes (Ham rolls stuffed with Cheddar cheese - wrapped in pastry)

* Brie cheese (French cheese fried in bread crumbs - served with blackberry sauce)

* Homemade cheese pies

Starters with vegetables

* Homemade onion pie with bacon (Baked in the oven)

* Mushrooms A la cream (With brandy & cream)

* Fried mushrooms (In bread crumbs - served with garlic mayonnaise)

* Fresh grilled mushrooms

* Fried aubergines (With tzatziki)

* Fried courgettes (With tzatziki)

* Fried peppers (With tzatziki)

* Grilled vegetables (With Mozzarella cheese & yogurt)

* Kolokithokeftedes (Fried courgette rolls)

* Vegetable purses

(Aubergines, courgettes, peppers, onions & cheese, wrapped in thin pastry - baked in the oven)

* Aubergines A la Chef (With minced meat, tzatziki, cheese & tomato sauce - baked in the oven)

* Homemade fried potatoes

Jacket potatoes

* Jacket potatoes (With tuna & mayonnaise)

* Jacket potatoes (With chicken & mayonnaise)

* Jacket potatoes (With tzatziki)

* Jacket potatoes, mushrooms, cheese & cream

Starters with seafood

* Fried squids

*Fried sardines

* Stuffed sardines (With vegetables & garlic - on the grill)

*Deep fried crab claws

* Stuffed avocado (With shrimps & crab

Seafood variety for 2 persons

(With prawns, deep fried crab claws, calamari, octopus & mussels)

Starters with seafood

* Prawn cocktail (Small prawns with small pieces of vegetables & cocktail sauce)

* Prawn saganaki (Prawns cooked in butter with onions, peppers, tomato, Brandy & feta cheese)

* Octopus in vinegar

* Grilled octopus

* Mussels in garlic sauce (Fresh mussels cooked in white wine with garlic)

* Fresh mussels saganaki (Cooked in wine with onions, tomatoes, peppers & feta cheese)

Summery juicy salads


* Tomato

* Tomato & cucumber

* Greek salad ( With tomato, cucumber, green peppers, olives, onions & feta cheese)

* Tuna salad (With tomato, cucumber, onion, lettuce & olives. Dressing: Cocktail sauce)

* Nicoise salad (With tomato, cucumber, lettuce, onion, olives, tuna & egg. Dressing: Cocktail sauce)

* Roquefort salad (With lettuce, peppers, cucumber, Roquefort cheese, walnuts, bacon & olives. Dressing: Roquefort sauce)

* Chicken salad with peach (With small pieces of chicken, peach cubes, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion & olives. Dressing: Vinaigrette sauce)

* Chicken salad with croutons (With lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onion, olives & Parmesan. Dressing: Vinaigrette sauce)

* Maistro salad (With tomato, cucumber, green peppers, lettuce, chicken, ham, Gouda cheese, egg & olives. Dressing: Cocktail sauce)

* Green salad (With rocket, baby onions, olives & lettuce)

* Four seasons salad (With lettuce, olives, prosciutto, bacon, Parmesan & egg. Dressing: Vinagrette sauce)

* Rocket & Parmesan (With lettuce, olives, baby onions & prosciutto. Dressing: Vinaigrette sauce)

* Summery potato salad (With onions, egg, olives, sun dried tomatoes & rocket. Dressing: Balsamico sauce)

* Mozzarella & rocket salad (With lettuce, sun dried tomatoes, avocado, baby onions & olives. Dressing: Balsamico sauce)

















Main Menu & Fish Menu

Traditionally cooked Greek Dishes

* Mousaka (With mincedmeat, aubergines & bechamel cream - baked in the oven)

* Sofrito (Corfiot specialty with fresh veal meat cooked with dry whitewine, parsley & garlic)

* Stifado (Small cubes of fresh veal meat cooked with fresh tomato, red wine, Cognac & baby onions)

* Kokkinisto (Small cubes of fresh veal meat cooked with frsh tomato & red wine)

* Pastitsada (Corfiot speciality with fresh veal meat, cooked with fresh tomato in red wine sauce - served with pasta)

* Kleftiko (Freshlamb cooked in the oven with garlic, white wine, tzatziki, feta cheese & mushrooms - wrapped in oil paper)

* Lamb ''Gastra'' (Cookedin a pot with aubergines, courgettes, carrots & potatoes)

* Stuffed dishes (Tomatoes & peppers, stuffed with rice & onions - baked in the oven)

* Pork in the pot (Small pices of fresh pork meat, cookedin white wine, cream & onions. served in earthenware pot)

* Glaurtlu (Beef burger with yogurt & spicy tomato sauce - served on pita bread)

* Schnitzel Viennua (Plain with mushrooms a la cream sauce or with pepper sauce or with Roquefort sauce)

* Schnitzel Viennua - special - with bacon & 3 cheese sauce)

* Stuffed schnitzel (With ham and cheese)  Plain with mushrooms a la cream sauce or with pepper sauce or with Roquefort sauce)

* Stuffed fried chicken (Chicken fillet stuffed with ham & cheese - served with mustard sauce)

* Chicken fillet (On the grill - with mustard sauce)

* Chicken fillet (With mushrooms a la cream sauce or with pepper sauce or with Roquefort sauce)

* Fillet steak (With mushrooms a la cream sauce or with pepper sauce or with Roquefort sauce)

* Fillet steak special - with bacon & 3 cheese sauce)

* Pork fillet (With mushrooms a la cream sauce or with pepper sauce or with Roquefort sauce)

* Pork fillet  special - with bacon & 3 cheese sauce)

* Stuffed pork fillet (with feta cheese, tomato & rocket)

On the grill

* Beef cutlet 0,5 kg

* Pork chop

* Beef burger

* Stuffed beef burger (with feta cheese, tomato & pepper)

* Stuffed beefburger (with Roquefort & bacon)

* Stuffed beefburger (with ham & Gouda cheese)

* Chicken souvlaki

* Pork souvlaki

* Mixed souvlaki

* Beef souvlaki

* Lamb souvlaki

* Fresh lamb chops (portion)

* Fresh lamb chops (per kilo)

* Chicken leg

Meat Varieties

* Mixed grill for 2 persons (With chicken, pork, lamb chops, beef burger & sausage)

* Mixed fillet variety for 2 persons

(With pork fillet, chicken fillet & fillet steak)


* Margarita

* Vegatarian

* With ham & cheese

* With tuna & onions

* With salami & cheese

* With bacon & cheese

* With 4 kinds of cheese (Gouda, Roquefort, mozzarella & feta cheese)

* Spicy (With tomato, onions, bacon, hot pepper & Mozzarella)

* Special (With cheese, ham, bacon, mushrooms, tomato & peppers)


* A la Napolitana

* A la Bolognese

* A la Carbonara

Gyros dishes

* Pork gyros (With pita bread, tzatziki, tomato, onions & fried potatoes)

* Chicken gyros (With pita bread, tzatziki, tomato, onions & fried potatoes)

* Mixed gyros platter (With pork, chicken gyros, pita bread, tzatziki, tomato, onions & fried potatoes)

Main meals with sea food

* Mussels in garlic sauce 

(Fresh mussels cooked in white wine with garlic & parsley)

*Mussels A la Chef

(Fresh mussels cooked in white wine with garlic & feta cheese)

* Fresh Fish (per kilo)

(Fresh local fish daily, on the grill - served with salad & grilled potatoes)

* Grilled prawns in olive oil & lemon sauce

* Prawns with garlic & chili

* Risotto with prawns

* Risotto with salmon

* Risotto with mussels

* Fried squids

(served with grilled potatoes)

* Fried sardines

(served with grilled potatoes)

* Sword fish fillet 

(served with grilled potatoes)

* Spaghetti with prawns

* Spaghetti with mussels

* Spaghetti Marinara

* Fresh lobster


* Chicken fillet with fries

* Beefburger with fries

* Spaghetti Napoliten

* Spaghetti Bolognese

* Spaghetti Carbonara

* Fish fingers with fries

* Souvlaki with fries

* Kids pizza

* Homemade   hamburger with fries

* Homemade cheese burger with fries

* Pork schnitzel with fries

* Fried chicken fillet with fries

* Homemade chicken nuggets with fries

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