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Main Menu & Fish Menu

Traditionally cooked Greek Dishes

Main meals with sea food

Starters with bread


Bread with 2 kinds of Dip - per person.

Garlic bread with fresh tomatoes.

Garlic bread with Parmesan cheese.

Bruschetta classic for 2 pers. (With garlic, tomato, pepper & capper)

Greek bruschetta for 2 pers. (With feta cheese, olives & tomatoes)

Italian bruschetta for 2 pers. (With rocket & Parmesan)

Tigaopsomo (Homemade bread stuffed with feta cheese - fried)


Starters with meat



Stuffed meatballs with feta cheese

Tigania with pork fillet (Small pieces of pork fillet, cooked in wine & mustard)

Grilled village sausage (Served with mustard sauce)

Spetzofal (Greek sausage cooked with fresh tomato, green peppers & feta cheese)


Starters with cheese


Saganaki (Greek yellow cheese fried in bread crumbs, stuffed with ham)

Haloumi on the grill (Cypriot cheese)

Metsovone in the oven (Spicy, smoked Greek cheese)

Cheese croquettes (with Gouda cheese, Parmesan & Haloumi cheese)

Feta cheese in the oven (with tomato, garlic & red pepper - baked in the oven)

Fried feta cheese wrapped in crust (Served with sesame & honey)

Flutes (Ham rolls stuffed with Cheddar cheese - wrapped in pastry)

Brie cheese (French cheese fried in bread crumbs - served with blackberry sauce)

Homemade cheese pies


Starters with vegetables


Homemade onion pie with bacon (Baked in the oven)

Mushrooms A la cream (With brandy & cream)

Fried mushrooms (In bread crumbs - served with garlic mayonnaise)

Fresh grilled mushrooms

Fried aubergines (With tzatziki)

Fried courgettes (With tzatziki)

Fried peppers (With tzatziki)

Grilled vegetables (With Mozzarella cheese & yogurt)

Kolokithokeftedes (Fried courgette rolls)

Vegetable purses (Aubergines, courgettes, peppers, onions & cheese, wrapped in thin pastry - baked in the oven)

Aubergines A la Chef (With minced meat, tzatziki, cheese & tomato sauce - baked in the oven)

Homemade fried potatoes


Starters with seafood


Fried squids

Fried sardines

Stuffed sardines (With vegetables & garlic - on the grill)

Deep-fried crab claws

Stuffed avocado (With shrimp & crab

Prawn cocktail (Small prawns with small pieces of vegetables & cocktail sauce)

Prawn saganaki (Prawns cooked in butter with onions, peppers, tomato, Brandy & feta cheese)

Octopus in vinegar

Grilled octopus

Mussels in garlic sauce (Fresh mussels cooked in white wine with garlic)

Fresh mussels saganaki (Cooked in wine with onions, tomatoes, peppers & feta cheese)

Seafood variety for 2 persons

(With prawns, deep-fried crab claws, calamari, octopus & mussels)


Cold dips


Aubergine cream


Spicy cheese dip

Feta cheese


Jacket potatoes


Jacket potatoes (With tuna & mayonnaise)

Jacket potatoes (With chicken & mayonnaise)

Jacket potatoes (With tzatziki)

Jacket potatoes, mushrooms, cheese & cream


Summary juicy salads



Tomato & Cucumber

Greek salad ( With tomato, cucumber, green peppers, olives, onions & feta cheese)

Tuna salad (With tomato, cucumber, onion, lettuce & olives. Dressing: Cocktail sauce)

Nicoise salad (With tomato, cucumber, lettuce, onion, olives, tuna & egg. Dressing: Cocktail sauce)

Roquefort salad (With lettuce, peppers, cucumber, Roquefort cheese, walnuts, bacon & olives. Dressing: Roquefort sauce)

Chicken salad with peach (With small pieces of chicken, peach cubes, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion & olives. Dressing: Vinaigrette sauce)

Chicken salad with croutons (With lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onion, olives & Parmesan. Dressing: Vinaigrette sauce)

Maistro salad (With tomato, cucumber, green peppers, lettuce, chicken, ham, Gouda cheese, egg & olives. Dressing: Cocktail sauce)

Green salad (With rocket, baby onions, olives & lettuce)

Four seasons salad (With lettuce, olives, prosciutto, bacon, Parmesan & egg. Dressing: Vinaigrette sauce)

Rocket & Parmesan (With lettuce, olives, baby onions & prosciutto. Dressing: Vinaigrette sauce)

Summery potato salad (With onions, egg, olives, sun-dried tomatoes & rocket. Dressing: Balsamico sauce)

Mozzarella & rocket salad (With lettuce, sun-dried tomatoes, avocado, baby onions & olives. Dressing: Balsamico sauce)

Mousaka (With mincedmeat, aubergines & bechamel cream - baked in the oven)

Sofrito (Corfiot specialty with fresh veal meat cooked with dry whitewine, parsley & garlic)

Stifado (Small cubes of fresh veal meat cooked with fresh tomato, red wine, Cognac & baby onions)

Kokkinisto (Small cubes of fresh veal meat cooked with frsh tomato & red wine)

Pastitsada (Corfiot speciality with fresh veal meat, cooked with fresh tomato in red wine sauce - served with pasta)

Kleftiko (Freshlamb cooked in the oven with garlic, white wine, tzatziki, feta cheese & mushrooms - wrapped in oil paper)

Lamb ''Gastra'' (Cookedin a pot with aubergines, courgettes, carrots & potatoes)

Stuffed dishes (Tomatoes & peppers, stuffed with rice & onions - baked in the oven)

Pork in the pot (Small pices of fresh pork meat, cookedin white wine, cream & onions. served in earthenware pot)

Glaurtlu (Beef burger with yogurt & spicy tomato sauce - served on pita bread)

Schnitzel Viennua (Plain with mushrooms a la cream sauce or with pepper sauce or with Roquefort sauce)

Schnitzel Viennua special (with bacon & 3 cheese sauce)

Stuffed schnitzel (With ham and cheese)  Plain with mushrooms a la cream sauce or with pepper sauce or with Roquefort sauce)

Stuffed fried chicken (Chicken fillet stuffed with ham & cheese - served with mustard sauce)

Chicken fillet (On the grill - with mustard sauce)

Chicken fillet (With mushrooms a la cream sauce or with pepper sauce or with Roquefort sauce)

Fillet steak (With mushrooms a la cream sauce or with pepper sauce or with Roquefort sauce)

Fillet steak special (with bacon & 3 cheese sauce)

Pork fillet (With mushrooms a la cream sauce or with pepper sauce or with Roquefort sauce)

Pork fillet  special  (with bacon & 3 cheese sauce)

Stuffed pork fillet (with feta cheese, tomato & rocket)


On the grill


Beef cutlet 0,5 kg

Pork chop

Beef burger

Stuffed beef burger (with feta cheese, tomato & pepper)

Stuffed beefburger (with Roquefort & bacon)

Stuffed beefburger (with ham & Gouda cheese)

Chicken souvlaki

Pork souvlaki

Mixed souvlaki

Beef souvlaki

Lamb souvlaki

Fresh lamb chops (portion)

Fresh lamb chops (per kilo)

Chicken legg


Gyros dishes

Pork gyros (With pita bread, tzatziki, tomato, onions & fried potatoes)

Chicken gyros (With pita bread, tzatziki, tomato, onions & fried potatoes)

Mixed gyros platter (With pork, chicken gyros, pita bread, tzatziki, tomato, onions & fried potatoes)


Meat Varieties

Mixed grill for 2 persons (With chicken, pork, lamb chops, beef burger & sausage)

Mixed fillet variety for 2 persons (With pork fillet, chicken fillet & fillet steak)





With ham & cheese

With tuna & onions

With salami & cheese

With bacon & cheese

With 4 kinds of cheese (Gouda, Roquefort, mozzarella & feta cheese)

Spicy (With tomato, onions, bacon, hot pepper & Mozzarella)

Special (With cheese, ham, bacon, mushrooms, tomato & peppers)



A la Napolitana

A la Bolognese

A la Carbonara


Grilled prawns in olive oil & lemon sauce

Prawns with garlic & chili

Risotto with prawns

Risotto with salmon

Risotto with mussels

Fried squids (served with grilled potatoes)

Fried sardines (served with grilled potatoes)

Sword fish fillet (served with grilled potatoes)

Spaghetti with prawns

Spaghetti with mussels

Spaghetti Marinara

Fresh lobster

Mussels in garlic sauce (Fresh mussels cooked in white wine with garlic & parsley)

Mussels A la Chef (Fresh mussels cooked in white wine with garlic & feta cheese)

Fresh Fish ( kilo - Fresh local fish daily, on the grill - served with salad & grilled potatoes)