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since 1992


Restaurant - Bar

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Maistro Restaurant & Bar is situated by the sea of Acharavi with excellent quality and atmosphere. There is big variety of dishes covering the most demanding customers.

As the sunsets in the beach of Acharavi, follow the wind of Maistro to enjoy home made dishes from Greece & International cuisine. You can enjoy lunch or dinner in a warm and friendly environment and add to your holiday the taste that is missing. Every day fresh fish and Seafood.

Every Tuesday 20.30 live Greek music and dancing. From May till the last Tuesday in September.

Every Thursday fish evening,  special menu, special prices!!!


Our motto is that if you visit us once you would want to come back again. For the ones who already felt the IDOL experience and knowing the beautiful layout why not to contact us in order to reserve a table for your next dinner (Please book on time we can not exept bookings for the Tuesdays after 3:00 in the afternoon of every Tuesday) Watching the amazing sunset on Acharavi beach?

As for the “new entries” it’s always good to reserve a table so to be certain that we will be able to host you. Either way our enthusiastic as well as highly experienced team is here to make sure that you will have brilliant time!!



My favorite thing to make for dinner, is a .......

Get up and enjoy us ....


Ανοιχτα Τριτη 24/12 απο τις 20.00 με ζωντανη μουσικη. Τετερτη 25/12 ολη μερα.

Πεμπτη 26/12 για μεσημερι.

Τριτη 31/12 απο τις 20.30 με ζωντανη μουσικη.

Τεταρτη 01/01 για μεσημερι.

Δευτερα 06/01 για μεσημερι.

Και ολες τις Κυριακες για μεσημερι!


Dear friends our opening days:

Tuesday 24/12 from 20.00 with live music.

Wednesday 25/12 all day.

Thursday 26/12 for lunch.

Tuesday 31/12 from 20.30 with live music.

Wednesday 01/01 for lunch.

Monday 06/01 for lunch. And all Sundays for lunch.

Happy holidays everyone!